• Kunal Sinha

Zero to One: Siemens

Siemens, an organization that is known for ingenuity for life.

Let's try to rewind the zero to one journey of Siemens.

The journey of Siemens began with founder Werner Von Siemens. A founder who the world remembers for his revolutionary ideas. He was a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur.

SI unit is coined after him.

Werner von Siemens was a visionary entrepreneur who brought key advances in the electrical goods industry. The pointer telegraph he designed was the cornerstone of the telegraph construction company that he founded in 1847 – the “Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske” – which quickly evolved into an international enterprise. In 1866 he discovered the dynamo-electric principle, possibly his most significant accomplishment in the field of electrical engineering.

From modest circumstances – following his own path Werner von Siemens was born in Lenthe, near Hanover, on December 13, 1816. He was the fourth of 14 children in a family with a long middle-class tradition. Due to the family’s reduced circumstances, it was difficult for the children to obtain an education in line with their parents’ ambitions. As a result, Werner left secondary school without a degree in 1834. In the same year he joined the Prussian army, where he studied science and technology. The three-year training program at the Artillerie- und Ingenieurschule (army’s artillery and engineering school) in Berlin provided a solid foundation for his later work in the new field of electrical engineering. Training at the Prussian School of Artillery and Engineering Werner von Siemens studied physics, chemistry and mathematics in Berlin. His enthusiasm for the natural sciences determined his future life. Family first Werner's later entrepreneurial success was also the result of his strong family ties. William and Carl von Siemens, in particular, supported their brother.  Practical innovations – creating useful, lasting things

He believed in building products that were useful for people and at the same time lasted for long time.

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