• Kunal Sinha

Zero To One: Phanindra Sama

One of the most inspiring and beautiful startup journeys is of Phanindra Sama, this zero to one journey is inspiring.

How the Vichaar of Redbus came in his mind?

The story of Redbus began with Phanindra going to book bus ticket from Bangalore to Hyderabad, the bus agent told that there were no seats, but he asked other bus agents if there were a seat available in there bus.

This struck a query in mind of Phanindra Sama, if he could build a website to book bus ticket online.

Then he learnt .NET, SQL Database in 6 months and made a functional website and then the journey of Redbus started. It began as nonprofit but with help of TIE they turned their business model to be a profitable venture

Key learnings from his journey:

1. 90% entrepreneurs are accidental: According to Phanidra Sama, 90% of entrepreneurs said that they never knew they will be an entrepreneur, they began startup not to start one but solve a problem they were passionate about.

2. Learning how to learn : Sometimes we think oh i can not solve this problem as I dont know marketing, I dont know coding, i dont know sales, fundamental principle of entrepreneurship lies in learning how to learn. He self taught him and his team coding.

3. Research: You should be an expert of problem you are trying to solve. You have to be solution provider so you should know who is the competitor, how big is market, who are your users.

4. Create your own path: Entrepreneurship has no golden rule. According to experts you should focus on one thing at a time, Jeff Bezos says do one thing at a time and Steve Jobs was able to run 2 companies at same time so you can create your own methodology.

5. Be fearless: When you start a firm in conditions of uncertainty, challenges will come, fear will catch you so the biggest takeaway is to be confident and positive minded.

6. Believe in yourself: If you can dream it you can do it, this mantra needs to be followed, execution matter.s

7. Share knowledge: Silicon Valley became Silicon Valley because of the help people offered to each other.

8. Empower others: Build products that help people.

9. Build a product user love: When we build a product user love sales and marketing will happen automatically. Google never had tv ads.

10. Getting 6 packs: Entrepreneurship is like getting 6 packs, so keep practicing.


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