• Kunal Sinha

Zero to One: Manu Kumar Jain

Manu Kumar Jain, CEO of Xiaomi and Founder of Jabong, has shown to the world how to turn an idea to a startup.

He is an innovator who believes in constant innovation creating a radically successful business.

Please watch this video to know about how Marketing without Advertising innovation was used.

When we think of business we all begin by thinking huge money spends on marketing and sales.

But can marketing be done without advertising? We grew up in an age where we saw TV ads and brand influencers like SRK, Sachin promotes their brands.

Did we see ads of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram but we are using the apps daily.

The focus of Facebook, Google, Twitter was always on building a product that user loves. Mark Zuckerberg was one of the finest product managers the world has ever seen. He understood his user in and out and his complete focus was on building Facebook.

4 P's of Marketing

Product Price Place Promotion

Here if the one P stands out is Product: Build a product so good that people tell their friends about it.

The second most important aspect is the Network.

Build a network : Network is networth, power of distribution network is what will help you to sell product over the promotion. So love your customer, they will refer you to another customer.

According to Manu one should focus on Product innovation most and your journey from zero to one will be conquered.


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