• Kunal Sinha

Zero to One: Gauri Vatsa

In my startup journey I met some amazing mentors one of them being Gauri Vatsa, I learned a lot from her during this period. I would like to summarize a few which would help you to go from zero to one.

1. Collaboration: Gauri being an expert SME having seen different cultures in the UK and India believes in the importance of collaboration over competition.

2. Creating young entrepreneurs: She is a firm believer in Atal Innovation Mission and believes that every young child has a special ability that one can discover.

3. Curious: She loves asking questions and was keen on listening to vichaar of young entrepreneurs and gave them valuable feedback to refine their ideas.

4. Problem Solver: Focus on being a problem solver and love solving problems.

5. Build a brand: Brand building takes time but it should be on to do list of an entrepreneur.

The biggest lesson that I learnt from Gauri is reciprocation. We forget to say thank you to people who help us the most


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