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Zero to One: Facebook

Updated: May 12

I assume we all have a Facebook account and have used Facebook, I used it in 2009 when I was in college and loved it, I being a first-year student it gave me chance to connect with new friends, explore what they are doing.

I still remember those days when I and my peer group used to compete in virtual games.

Let's try to rewind the journey of Facebook from zero to one.

How did the journey of Mark Zuckerberg begin, the journey of Facebook began with Mark's curiosity, he always wanted to communicate with people, understand people.

Being a psychology student he always wanted to understand what's going in the life of others, how people share. He always wants to build a product that allowed him to connect with other people.

Before building Facebook, he built an amazing product called course match that allowed students to see what courses other students had taken.

Harvard had a reading period in which they gave time to students to read their favorite books.

He observed that in 2004, Google had democratized information and news but there was one thing that was missing, he could not find people.

That is where the Vichaar of Facebook came to Mark Zuckerberg. He decided to build a product that allowed people to show how they are and connect with other people.

He never envisioned that it will be a product that the world will use, he simply built a product that he wanted and his friends wanted.

He wanted to democratize people. Connecting people was the mission of Facebook.

Check the initial features

The journey of facebook then started from zero students to a few students at Harvard then Facebook started to expand to other universities taking one university at a time.

The journey of Facebook was all about Building something user wanted, not thinking about the company first but thinking about the problem first.

Key Lessons from Facebook Journey were.

1. Build something that user wants: It all began by building Facebook for himself.

2. Think of problem first, product second, company third.

3. Move fast and break things: Facebook was a college startup, they were not business experts they were young energetic and risk takers, they moved fast and built a product that user wanted, they made a lot of mistakes and the biggest learning they took was from how to learn from mistakes.

4. Learning4Life: A company according to Mark Zuckerberg is the one that learns fast

5. Mentor4Life: When we think about Facebook Mark Zuckerberg comes to mind. But the greatest influence behind Facebook is Peter Thiel. He being first investor of Facebook used his experience to guide Mark Zuckerberg.

6. Network Effect: Network is net worth whether its a person or a company, same goes with Facebook, it took 1 college at a time and today it has built a network of people.

7. Hiring: Mark Zuckerberg always believed in hiring people who are enthusiastic about mission of the company, he did not believe in experience. We in India always believe in degree this is what Mark Zuckerberg did not believe in. He always believed in creating opportunity for people and keeping them engaged.

8. Focus: When you do good things 100 good things will come up, this is where control comes in. You have to first focus on doing 1 thing good, before doing the rest 99 things.

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