• Kunal Sinha

Zero to One: 3 Idiots

Updated: May 11

I believe you all must have watched 3 Idiots It is one of the finest movies which I have seen and would like to share some of key lessons which will help you to take your idea from zero to one.

The movie mocks the Indian Education System, a movie released in 2009 Dec is more relevant in 2020. Let me try to decode some key lessons

Mera beta engineer banega

Indian society considers only 2 options, engineer and doctor. India is the only country where one becomes an engineer first and then decides what to become next. Today we live in a world of plethora choices and thus we should have the freedom to choose what we want to learn. As a society, we need to be flexible.

Be curious

The movie shows Aamir Khan questioning everything, when we have an idea we should start asking questions like why, what, who,where, when, how.

One of the most epic scenes shows us the importance of understanding and explaining things simply and how as a faculty we should promote creativity.

All is well

This should be the mantra of life, no matter how tough the situation becomes one should be ready to embrace challenges with a positive attitude.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Depression is one of the key reasons why students are driven to suicide, this is shown in the movie in two instances Joy and Raju both attempt suicide thinking that there is no way out. As a startup founder, you will always have roadblocks, either you can navigate through challenges by removing the roadblock or creating a new road.

How to learn to learn

In the beginning, you have a vichaar you dont know what to do next if there is one piece of advice that I want you to take away from this blog is learning how to learn. Today we live in world of data and change. It becomes pivotal to thus learn to unlearn relearn.

Have a well-formed mind, not a well-filled mind.

Don't cram, understand

Today we live in the world of google where information is available on finger tips, we should thus avoid being chatur and rote learning things.

Fear is the biggest reason for failure

The movie shows the character of Raju constantly living in fear, fear creates pressure which in turn results in failure.Chinta mat karo Chintan Karo

Make passion your business

The movie shows the character of Farhan loving photography but unable to pursue his dreams due to societal pressure. Whether it is Mark Zuckerberg or Kevin Systrom both made their passion their business and today the world uses their products.


The only thing constant in life is change and our ability to innovate, the movie shows how Aamir Khan is an innovator throughout the movie which enables him to solve a complex problem.

For an entrepreneur the single biggest tool is innovation.

Chase excellence not success

The journey of 0 to 1 requires one to chase excellence. It requires one to ideate, iterate and innovate turning the idea to an innovation, which can then be turned to a successful business.

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