• Kunal Sinha

Why should you start a startup?

Startups are a buzzword in today's technological landscape. Everyday we hear about startups.

It is word of encouragement for youth in college, for experienced working professionals it is a plunge they want to take. For families it is a term of risk.

For Indian society its still an area of unknown.

Why did I start a startup, personally speaking I never knew what is a startup before 10th September 2019.

The journey began with me going to my college and interacting with college kids.

My mentor Dr Narina Thakur and Dr Kirti Gupta requested me to deliver a talk on entrepreneurship and innovation as a career option. That is the first day I googled about How to Start a Startup.

When I researched around the same, this was the slide I made

Let me try to decode why I made this slide

The pic represent 2 key figures

1. Mark Zuckerberg: Who is a celebrity startup founder he built a product that intially started to connect college friends and today it has become the largest social networking platform. The idea turned to a product, product turned to a startup and a startup turned into successful technological venture.

2. Lord Hanuman: In my opinion Lord Hanuman is an epitome when it comes to startup. For me he is an idol. Lord Hanuman had infinite potential and skills, but he forgot what his capabilities are until ignited.

Similarly college students have infinite potential and skills, they need mentors who can uncover the hidden potential, the one thing you are good at.

Do that 1 thing 10000 times and you will be an entrepreneur4life.

I saw a great enthusiasm and energy in them to start a startup but they lacked connection to experts and investors. Thus began my journey to start Startup4All which aimed towards democratizing startups for society.

Coming to part why should you take startup as a career option should it be for money or value?

Soldiers give their tomorrow for our today. Entrepreneurs sacrifice their today for a better tomorrow! GEN. BIKRAM SINGH (EX-CHIEF, INDIAN ARMY)

Startups require patriotic attitude. It requires grit and determination. It is like spending your life like a soilder.

So my simple answer to why you should start a startup?

It is if you want to solve a problem that people have and you are ready to be a solider solving the problems.

There will be challenges, there will be obstacles but there will be one thing that will keep you going is the vision you have.

Thus before jumping to start a startup ask yourself what is my lakshya


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