• Kunal Sinha

Think big: Out of the box or break the box

Today whether you are starting a startup or you are working on a project, or you are an employee in an organisation there is a huge need to develop a mindset of out of box thinking.

This entrepreneurial mindset of thinking big should be fostered to achieve innovation.

What does it take to think big, you have to outgrow your environment.

The concept of Frog in the well does not work now. Thinking out of the box requires a perspective of what is going in outside world. Thus to think big, one needs to outgrow the environment in which he lives.

The second prerequisite for this is to pursue big ideas and be ambitious. Google pursued a big idea of organizing worlds information. It is poignant to solve problems that no one has solved yet.

The third key element of thinking big is to have self confidence, when you have an idea to transform the world people will laugh at you, people will call you insane, so have self confidence and pursue big ideas. Be fearless.


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