• Kunal Sinha

Zero to One: Ritesh Agarwal

Updated: Apr 27

Ritesh Agarwal, for me he is the hero of India. In India we don't celebrate entrepreneurs for me he is my idol, although younger than me, he is one who inspires India to start a startup.

Let me try to share some key insights into what makes Ritesh so special:

1. He is a learner: An entrepreneur needs to be a knowledge seeker and continues to learn, learn, and learn.

2. Creating impact: To create value for people, change lives of people, create an ecosystem in which every stakeholder gets value

3. Solving problem: A problem that is really really large. A problem that has to be solved to create a better life for people.

4. Innovative Solution: The same problem can be solved by multiple people. How you are different matters.

5. Ambitious: Have a vision and mission, creating great living space for common man and vision of becoming worlds largest hotel chain

6. Love: Operating hotel all over by himself in the 1st year, as an entrepreneur the most important thing is not idea but execution and grind. He did all the grind all by himself. He loved his customer.

7. Team: Recruit smartest guys because a startup cannot be run by one man. Founder starts company but the vision can be met by team.


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