• Kunal Sinha

Narayana vs Narayani ( Founder/CEO Startup4All or Ex-Siemens)

There is a very interesting episode in Mahabharata in which both Arjun and Duryodhana go to Krishna asking for support in war.

Krishna says he has two things either him or his army. Duryodhana happily choses army while Arjuna is happy to get a mentor in Krishna who does not participate in war but is there to consult and guide you in the journey.

When I have started out on my journey I found an existential crisis, what should I call myself am I an Ex Siemens employee or am I founder of my company.

For world probably Ex Siemens title is better but for me neither Founder CEO nor Ex Siemens matters.

We in India live in the world of degrees and title. It is time we use Object Oriented Design Principles and decouple a person from his job.

We all have an identity beyond the job we do. The day when people start recognising startup founders and appreciating them on day 0, then Indian ecosystem will improve.

Failure is inevitable in life, we all fail. If someone has not failed in his life it means only one thing that the person has never tried anything beyond his comfort zone. Now I am able to comprehend the MBA interview questions.

Life is not a destination , it is a journey of a lifetime where we build experiences by networking and learning from people.


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