• Kunal Sinha

Zero to One: Lord Matsya

Updated: May 12

I would request you all to go through the below video of Lord Vishnu's first incarnation on earth.

If you observe from this video and story of Lord Matsya, there is a poignant lesson for startups. When a person starts there is a vichaar and a vision, the vision should always be big.However one should always begin small, and think big.

The biggest lesson that I learnt in my startup journey is Start Small Think Big

As shown by Lord Matsya, who started small, grew big, then again grew big, then again grew big. Same goes with startups. The journey of thousand miles begin with a single step so its important to take the first step and that need not be big bang launch and its very ok to be small at start.

Do you guys remember day when Google Launched when Facebook launched?

If not that means that startup launch means having a vichaar, it does not mean a complete product.

Today world is adopting agile methodology, I myself used Scrum and SAFE framework in my tenure in corporate, the same is shown in spiritual foundations with Lord Vishnu showing incremental innovation.

This is my vision with Vichaar to recreate Nalanda ecosystem in India, but I want to begin small, think big and act now.


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