• Kunal Sinha

Zero to One: Adarsh Nair

Updated: Apr 27

4 P's of marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

What is interesting to note here is the P of Product matters most thus Product management becomes critical for any organisation.

Here is session by Adarsh Nair, CEO Wynk and CPO Airtel on the same and 5 lessons that every product manager should know.

Lesson 1: Always look for opportunity

A PM or CEO of a startup should always look for new arena or market opportunity. Adarsh sir began by asking question "How many people here use Wynk".

Asking questions is a key part of a PM role, questioning helps us uncover hidden gems.

Lesson 2: Obsess around a metric

Lets say you are product manager at Google what is metric which you are measuring, revenue or number of user. Product Manager in age of technology has to love data, and use numbers to his best advantage.

Lesson 3: Launch at light speed

Today we are living in age of technology, launching a great product always happens after multiple small incremental launches, Build fast, fail fast, learn fast.

Lesson 4: Have a growth mindset

Job of PM at a startup at day 1 and day 100 will not be same. It will be dynamic so be agile not fragile.

Lesson 5: Love problem not solution

Problems are an opportunity as a PM we need to find right problem and keep on solving it.


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