• Kunal Sinha

Zero to One: MS Dhoni

Updated: Apr 27

How should I start a startup? or How should I become an entrepreneur.

If there is one person from whom I learnt entrepreneurship and innovation then it is MS Dhoni


He always wanted to become a batsman and not a wicket keeper, however India's finest captain showed to the world what wicketkeeping is.

Dhoni's keeping skills exemplifies how he is an innovator


He is completely devoted towards cricket and laser focused on that. He is honest and practical. He believes in being humble as cricket is a leveler.

He believe in always being in present as the best way to predict the future is to create it

Risk Taking

He shows how to follow passion and take calculated risk in life.This scene from MS Dhoni live is a turning point in life of every entrepreneur. Had this not happened MSD would have been in Indian railways and we would not have seen India winning T20,ODI world cup.

Handling Failure

The biggest takeway I have from Dhoni is how to embrace failure. MS Dhoni is an agile practitioner and a learner4life. He learns from failure and embraces it with both hands. In India despite Dhoni's success people criticise and blast him.

In India, risk is not rewarded and we see failure as a taboo. However failure makes us stronger and this is shown from journey of MS Dhoni.

Building a team

MS Dhoni shows that how not 1 but 11 make a team. Dhoni was instrumental in building a team of winners. No one expected 2007 T20 world cup victory and the journey from 2007 to 2011 was instrumental. Building a team from 0 to world champions is what makes Dhoni special. He finds out the Hanuman in each team member and makes the best out of it.

Taking the game till the last moment

MS Dhoni shows how to handle pressure be calm and take the game till the last moment, the game is not lost till the last ball.

In game of cricket whether you win or lose you come out as a better player same goes with life and entrepreneurship. It is a journey of ups and downs.

Be ice cool like Dhoni.


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